Morgan Hollingworth - Public Affairs & Association Management


Morgan Hollingworth is the right choice. We assist local and state organizations and businesses to connect with decision makers and build long term relationships based on timely and accurate information provided to both elected officials and their staff.  Our commitment to “social responsibility” has been recognized by professional organizations locally and nationally and elected officials in the San Diego region.

Government Affairs

We have  a reputation for organizing successful issue management and lobbying coordination including the following:

California State Legislature

  • California Welfare Reform Legislation: GAIN Program, 1986
  • California Taxpayer Refund, 1987
  • California Highway, Parks and Waterways Litter Fine, 1988

Regional/Local Policies

  • San Diego Water Retrofit Self Certification Program, 1992
  • San Diego Business License – Home Business Occupancy Ordinance, 1993
  • San Diego Housing Trust Fund – Rollback of Linkage Fee, 1995
  • No on Proposition B (County downzoning proposal), 1998
  • No on Proposition A (County downzoning proposal), 2004

Public Affairs

Our work to build and mobilize coalitions is based on our relationship with business and political networks to provide:

Community Outreach, Media Relations, Communication

  • We build diverse coalitions for public outreach and issues education mobilization
  • We will move public opinion through strategic (web/print) communications
  • We will coordinate your message to targeted audiences via email/direct mail campaigns
  • We will encourage your organization to be socially responsible to the communities you live and work in

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