Morgan Hollingworth Public Affairs and Association Management, LLC customizes solutions for government and public affairs, leadership teams, membership and marketing success and frees your organization to concentrate on its mission.

Morgan Hollingworth provides a range of services including full-service association and policy management for local, state and inter/national professional and trade organizations, coalition building, strategic policy coordination, project and event management, board governance tune-ups and interim association management. With more than 30 years of expertise in the fields of public and government affairs and association management, we provide organizations the tools to address regulatory challenges, become socially responsible and help associations move to the next level.


Morgan Hollingworth is the right choice. We assist local and state organizations and businesses to connect with decision makers and build long term relationships based on timely and accurate information provided to both elected officials and their staff. Our commitment to “social responsibility” has been recognized by professional organizations locally and nationally and elected officials in the San Diego region.

Government Affairs

We have a reputation for organizing successful issue management and lobbying coordination including the following:

California State Legislature

  • California Welfare Reform Legislation: GAIN Program, 1986
  • California Taxpayer Refund, 1987
  • California Highway, Parks and Waterways Litter Fine, 1988

Regional/Local Policies

  • San Diego Water Retrofit Self Certification Program, 1992
  • San Diego Business License – Home Business Occupancy Ordinance, 1993
  • San Diego Housing Trust Fund – Rollback of Linkage Fee, 1995
  • No on Proposition B (County downzoning proposal), 1998
  • No on Proposition A (County downzoning proposal), 2004
  • City of El Cajon – Convinced Public Works staff to not propose point of sale sewer lateral inspections (2006)
  • City of El Cajon – Testified & defeated proposal to collect sewer bills with local property taxes (2008)
  • City of La Mesa – Worked with city to assist versus fine owners of foreclosed properties (2009)
  • City of Santee – Worked with volunteers to convince City to oppose private transfer taxes (2013)
  • City of El Cajon – Researched Iraqi culture in the city and coordinated a Diversity Forum (2013-2014)
  • City of National City – Helped volunteers meet with City Council to oppose a ban on smoking in rental units (2014-2016)

Public Affairs

Our work to build and mobilize coalitions is based on our relationship with business and political networks to provide:

Community Outreach, Media Relations, Communication

  • We build diverse coalitions for public outreach and issues education mobilization
  • We will move public opinion through strategic (web/print) communications
  • We will coordinate your message to targeted audiences via email/direct mail campaigns
  • We will encourage your organization to be socially responsible to the communities you live and work in
  • We manage meetings with key decision makers to enable you to form solutions to complex issues
  • We write and follow up on correspondence to agency and political staff to confirm your message has been received and help encourage positive outcomes
I have worked with Tracy on several issue campaigns in the last 12 years where we beat the odds and won both campaigns with more than 60% of San Diego county voters defeating two extremist land use issues.
Elizabeth Higgins, REALTOR and former SDAR Government Affairs Chair
I knew we had chosen one of the most experienced Executive Directors (Tracy Morgan Hollingworth) with vast public policy and historical knowledge in all land use arenas – local, state and federal. She has worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, in the California State Capitol and with City Hall and Mayoral staff and has a sterling reputation of fairness while assisting her clients to achieve their intergovernmental political and policy goals.
David Strickland, Past President, California Council of ASLA

Association and Issue Management

Morgan Hollingworth Public Affairs and Association Management provides a range of services including full-service association and policy management for local, state and inter/national professional and trade organizations, fundraising&financial management, board governance tune-ups, coalition building, strategic policy coordination, project and event management and interim association management.

Morgan Hollingworth is an Association Management Company (AMC) and member of the American Society of Association Executives. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Full Service Association Management
  • Management to Build Membership, Financial Strength, Focused Areas
  • Issue Management and Advocacy
  • Charitable and Campaign Fundraising
  • Non-Profit Project and Event Management
  • Interim Association Management

What is an AMC, its’ advantages and how can it work for your organization?

The concept of an Association Management Company (AMC) was designed to offer efficiencies to nonprofit organizations. An association management company is best-suited to offer the cost savings and technology innovations present in society today due to its economies of scale.

AMCs offer economies of scale and efficiencies to associations that are not easily duplicated anywhere else. Efficiencies can be found in the following:

• Technology
• Fundraising and sponsor relations expertise
• Systems and processes
• Staff allocations and hiring – eliminates the disruption to clients due to fast turnarounds
• Timekeeping records – provides accurate records for resource allocation reviews
• Team assignments – right team member does the right job

AMCs have a great deal of experience in serving a wide variety of organizations and helping them meet their organizational objectives. Some of the key points are:

• AMCs have been instrumental in the growth of their clients
• AMCs have established proven long-term relationships with their clients
• AMCs serve a large market serving thousands of associations, employing thousands of employees, producing tens of thousands of meetings and serving hundreds of thousands of members worldwide
• AMCs are suitable for any size organization that is either currently managed by staff with a physical location or primarily managed by volunteers. The various stages in the growth of an association are:

Pre-Association: This is the stage where a group of individuals come together for a like cause. This “connection” allows for the first steps in forming an organization. An AMC is invaluable in the shaping stages that a new association or society undergoes.

Outsource Opportunities: Strategic Planning, Start-Up Management

Young Association: In this stage of development, typically volunteers are more active in the management of the association. The association is relatively small and the income streams are just being established. The purpose of the organization is taking shape at this stage.

Outsource Opportunities: Strategic Planning, Administrative and Financial Management

Maturing Association: A maturing association is defined as one where the identity of the association has taken shape. The programs and services of the organization are established and earning revenue for the association or society. Policies and procedures are now in place. Volunteers can no longer handle the day-to-day management of the organization. The association/society needs the skills of a tactical leader so that the volunteer leaders can think and act more strategically.

Outsource Opportunities: Executive Management, Strategic Planning, Administrative and Financial Management, Meeting Management, Member Services Management, Creative Services Management

Mature Association: Building upon the maturing association model, a mature association is very established and respected in the industry with a solid membership base. The members of the association demand high value and reasonably priced services. There is also a greater need to advocate and promote change within the industry and profession.

Outsource Opportunities: Executive Management, Strategic Planning, Administrative and Financial Management, Meeting Management, Member Services Management, Creative Services Management, Public Relations, Government Relations, Accreditation/Certification

What you can’t accomplish alone, you can accomplish with a partner. The various stages of growth for an organization require different levels of management assistance. Morgan Hollingworth helps its client partners reach the next level of maturity with the appropriate use of human resources and knowledge. The relationship with Morgan Hollingworth will be built on a solid foundation of trust and partnership.

The question now becomes, “what has your organization not been able to accomplish and how can we partner with you to make it happen?”

AMCs have vast knowledge in managing all aspects of associations and professional societies. Due to the diversity that an AMC is exposed to in its work with various associations, an ideal environment is cultivated so that:

• Cross-learning is a necessity
• Internal best practices are shared with team members
• Intensive staff training is provided by the AMC
• Team members working for an AMC have advanced education and certifications
• Team members are specialists and not generalists
• Standard operating procedures are followed
• AMC staff members are leaders in the profession
• Innovation is encouraged and allowed to flourish

Guidelines on Writing an RFP

How to Write a RFP PDF
Morgan Hollingworth offers ACE Mentor San Diego the flexibility of relying on their staff for part time fundraising and data management and their support of our volunteers who coordinate both scholarship donor outreach to local firms and recruit firm Mentors to provide guidance to our ACE school student and Mentor teams.
Paul McParlane, Past Chairman, ACE Mentor San Diego
Tracy Morgan Hollingworth helped me guide our Chapter through one of the worst recessions I’ve ever experienced. She helped us solicit and raise critical annual sponsor donations and coordinated with our Treasurer and Board of Directors to ensure that our finances would support all the programs and services we could offer to retain members and support our volunteers.
Jon Wreschinsky, Past President, ASLA San Diego


Client Experience

ACE Mentor San Diego
American Society of Landscape Architects, San Diego
California Council of the American Society of Landscape Architects
East Otay Mesa Property Owners Association
Otay Mesa Property Owners Association
Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS®
California Office of the Auditor General
California State Legislature – Senate Natural Resources Committee
California State Legislature – Assembly Local Government Committee
California State Legislature – Several State Assembly members
Community Managers International Association
Lambda Alpha International, San Diego
League of California Cities
Municipal Management Association of Southern California
Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Promote La Jolla (Interim Executive Director)
Sacramento Association of REALTORS ®
San Diego Association of REALTORS®
San Diego Foundation
Society of Financial Service Professionals, Orange County
Tom Shepard and Associates – Public Policy Strategies
United States Senate
Urban Land Institute, San Diego
US Green Building Council, San Diego

Meet the CEO

Tracy Morgan Hollingworth, CEO

President and managing principal, has been providing professional association management services to organizations in California and the US since 1984. She has gained extensive public affairs and association management experience while working on key legislation and managing organizations in Washington DC, Sacramento and San Diego, California. Her professional association management background and experience in association management and public and government affairs led to the establishment of Morgan Hollingworth Public Affairs and Association Management in 2002.

Morgan Hollingworth Firm Resume
As our industry recovers from one of the deepest recessions in recent memory, Morgan Hollingworth has provided affordable and effective legislative advocacy and election coordination to keep our memebers on top of key issues and introduce them to candidates who will support our industry issues.
Aaron Kerper, Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS


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