We’re getting our blog, Morgan Hollingworth Public Affairs and Association Management (Morgan Hollingworth for future postings), started shortly before our website re-launch in order to say hello to all of you who are friends in the public affairs and non-profit association management communities and to share what we have learned working with volunteers and community organizations before and during this awful economy.

Four of us, Tracy, Kari, Sherry and Andy, will write about working with non-profit boards and volunteers, moving public policy agendas, how to get noticed by your members, potential members and the media, successful meetings and events, watching the fiscal bottom line and building financial soundness in non-profit organizations.

We’re a part of the American Society of Association Executives “Social Responsibility” network and would love to hear how you are working to improve your communities and organizations so please share your ideas on efforts to promote social responsibility.

Just the beginning of what we hope will be a beautiful friendship with everyone out there!

Tracy Morgan Hollingworth, President
Morgan Hollingworth Public Affairs and Association Management